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Oil and Gas Training

NEMA in partnership with British Council have partnered to build capacity of over 50 people in the management and monitoring of the Oil and Gas developments in Uganda. Participants were drawn from PEPD, NEMA, MWE, Min .of lands, DWR, UNRA, EIA Practitioners, CSOs and Oil and Gas Developers The training was officially opened by the British High Commissioner Ms Alison Blackburne, and Executive Director of NEMA, Dr. Tom .O. Okurut. In her remarks, The British High commissioner noted the importance oil development to Uganda. She expressed a desire to see the developments done in a sustainable manner Read More


This Client Charter is a social contract between NEMA and its clients. It specifies standards of the delivery of services, which NEMA believes its clients have a right to expect, . The objectives of this Charter are: to inform clients and stakeholders of the services NEMA offers, the rights, expectations and obligations of the clients, and the service commitments;

The Executive Director of NEMA, Dr. Tom Okurut disembarking from one of the skip lifters, handed over to a Municipal official

Benefiting districts have so far registered an increase in agricultural productivity fundamentally because of the organic manure quality from the composting plants. This has not only improved food security situation in the districts but also enhanced revenues of the larger scale growers who include NAADS, SCOUL, Kakira Sugar Factory, Tea Growers Association of Tooro etc; .

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Petroleum exploration and eventual production could not have come at a better time in Uganda. Uganda is in the process of transformation from a poor to a middle income economy and petroleum production is being relied upon to support this move. When production is sustainably managed , it is hoped that health, education, infrastructural sectors will also be transformed. However, petroleum production will come at a cost, most of which will affect the environment and tourism sectors as a result of the volume of waste, construction and movement in the parks. Government is aware of this situation and has accordingly put in place relevant frameworks to mitigate any possible negative effects on the environment and tourism. Read More